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All individuals deserve to have a healthy sexual life. Studies have shown that sexual intercourse is extremely beneficial to our health. It activates a number of neurotransmitters that have a positive impact on both our brain as well as other body organs.

 The health benefits of having a healthy sexual life range from decreasing stress levels to reducing the risk of heart attacks and cancer. It strengthens the bond you share with your partner and increases the feeling of intimacy.

Benefits Of Having A Healthy Sexual Life

Below mentioned are some of the health benefits associated with having a healthy sexual life.

Physical Fitness:

People with active sex lives need a great amount of stamina. Hence, they tend to exercise more frequently and also have better dietary habits as compared to the ones who have inactive sex lives. Thus having a healthy sexual life improves physical fitness.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

 Physical activities are good for health, and it is recommended that people should work out at least three to five times a week. It is beneficial in keeping your heart healthy. Fortunately, sex is considered as a form of work out as well.

Just as an intense workout, when a person is sexually aroused, their heart rate increases. Frequency of heartbeats peaks during orgasm. Thus having a healthy sexual life ensures that your heart is in a good condition.

Enhances Immunity:

Making love two to three times every week is proven to​ boost the immune system. A lot of studies have found that people with a healthy sexual life experienced an increase of about 30% in lgA, compared to the ones who don't. lgA is an antibody that depicts how good the immune system of a person is.

Sexually active people are less prone to infections as the antigens are killed by the immune system by producing more lgA.

Relieves Pain:

Neurologists have reported that sexual activity can​ effectively relieve all sorts of headaches that are associated with cluster headaches, migraines, etc. Also, if your partner says they have a headache to avoid having sex, you can explain that intercourse will comfort the pain and will ease the headache. Sexual activities trigger the production of endorphins that are natural pain killers.

Relieves Stress:

Stress results in numerous health-related issues​ like insomnia, headaches, muscle tension, etc. It can also cause some serious health problems like chronic depression and weak immune systems. Studies have reported that people who have a healthy sexual life do not suffer from stress-related problems. Also, they have reduced blood pressure, as compared to the ones who don't.

Lowers Blood Pressure:​

High blood pressure has several risks associated that include increased risk of strokes and heart attack. It can also result in lower libido and erectile dysfunction.


As stated above, sex helps in reducing blood pressure. As per a recent study, Individuals between 57-85 years of age who have a healthy sexual life  experienced reduced levels of blood pressure

Enhances Sleep:​

A majority of people around the world suffer from sleep disorders. A healthy sexual life guarantees a good night's sleep. During sex, several kinds of chemicals are released in the brain such as dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, etc. When all such hormones combine, they make the person feel sleepy.

Boosts Self-Esteem:​

Besides the physical benefits, sexual intercourse can also boost self-esteem and emotional wellness in people. College students, for example, who enjoy casual sex regularly, reportedly have a higher level of self-esteem.

Boosts Brain Power:​

By having frequent sex, people's memory power is believed to increase. A word-memory task was conducted where it was found that women who had penetrative sex had better memory recognition as compared to the ones who didn't. Sexual activity also stimulates the hippocampus, an integral part of the brain that results in enhanced memory and learning.

What About Those Individuals Who Do Not Have A Sexual Partner?

As per a recent study, sexual activities like masturbation do not stimulate the release of as much oxytocin as is released while having sexual intercourse. Individuals who do not have any sexual partners can only enjoy limited benefits like lower blood pressure, better sleep, pain reduction, etc.

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A healthy sex life delivers both mental and physical benefits, beyond expectations. A higher rate of sexual activity is linked to several positive physical and emotional changes. However, there is no one-size-fits-all concept as far as ideal sex frequency is concerned. The benefits vary for different people. However, having sex at least twice every week is recommended. Although, you can choose to decrease frequency as you age. With a healthy sexual life, you can improve the quality of your life. 

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