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Waterloo is a Central London’s district and part of the Bishops ward of the London Borough of Lambeth.

If you head towards the river, you will reach the Florence Nightingale Museum – it tells the story of the famous nurse and the history of nursing. While being in this museum, you will go through three pavilions and they will take you on a journey through the life and times of Florence Nightingale, starting with Victorian childhood to the Crimean War and onto her years as an ardent campaigner.

SEA LIFE London is the only place in the capital where you will see sharks, deadly stone fish and 350 species from across the globe!

The Coca-Cola London Eye is another popular destination and we believe there is no point to give you more information about it.

After all the walking and exciting views you might get hungry. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes here.

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